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Testimonials from Clients...

Going through my divorce was one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to face. Having Micki on my team made the pain more bearable and gave me the tools and self esteem needed to forge ahead. Her insight, compassion and support allowed me to grieve quicker than expected. I am grateful for the healthy relationship with my ex today and I owe a big part of that to Micki. —DS

Reflecting on the collaborative process I have two observations. One, the use of a divorce coach was without question the smartest decision I made. Two, hiring Micki was the next best decision. She worked in a consistently creative and collaborative way to problem solve and help guide the process to a resolution. All the while keeping the focus on the welfare of the children. Not only did it produce a beneficial outcome but it gave me a significant amount of leverage to know I was dealing with a professional that would quickly give me options and paths to solutions. —KL

Micki was referred to me by my attorney as I sought a collaborative divorce.  I wish I had met her earlier in the process.  Micki's counsel on how to guide my children through a heartbreaking experience was invaluable. Moreover, her impact on my understanding of myself was immeasurable.  As I emerged from the divorce I learned I could make the choice to be a strong, independent, and happy woman.  I count meeting Micki McWade as one of my most valued gifts. —KP

Micki McWade coached me though a tumultuous and painful divorce. Micki spoke with professionalism, compassion, optimism and a deep faith in me and my future. Her deep knowledge of the divorce process and the stages my ex and I would pass through were always right on. Micki would repeatedly tell me that I would "see the light at the end of the tunnel" as well as have many "aha" moments after the divorce was final and I gained perspective. Both came to be, along with a sense of empowerment, self knowledge and self trust. Micki is an expert who knows the wreckage and pain of divorce and skillfully helps to navigate  the legalities, the shaky sense of self.  —IG

Having Micki as an emotional support through my divorce was a tremendous help to me. Her compassion, along with her honesty and sincerity, helped me get through a very difficult time. She took the time to learn who I was and what was important to me and made sure that I felt protected every step of the process. —JR

Micki was a huge support during a difficult divorce and after as I rebuilt my life with my kids. Her ability to draw on her own personal experiences, inspire hope for the future in dark times, and suggest practical ways to survive and grow were  invaluable to me. I feel very grateful to have had her by my side.  —JB

I can easily say that Micki has demonstrated a high level of expertise and, as always, continues to offer a calm and steady hand when helping me navigate through my many issues. Micki's style is open and inviting to questions and she is not above a good (and strong) discussion regarding all of the topics that one encounters.  I consider myself fortunate that she has chosen her profession and that I have met her. —KD

Just want to thank you for helping with the divorce and helping to ease the pain and troubles of going through a divorce and keeping things on track. Thanks again. —DL

I wanted to thank you for sharing your advice at last night's support meeting in Ridgewood.  I went with a friend who is still in the process to support her.  Although I am now divorced and doing OK, I greatly benefitted from your insights.  —Susan

You keep restoring my faith in the Collaborative process. I will tell you, you are way underpaid relative to my lawyer...not being mean at all...just stating a fact based on relative contribution. —LP